This website is a personal outlet for Zander Kidd (that's me!).

I’m passionate about mobile technology, all forms of security, automation, psychology, interaction with strangers, and penguins. They are freaking adorable!
I’m a farmers child (*bzzrrt* dial-up and all) who then somehow became a tech expert and those very conflicting worlds have worked wonders to shape me into my odd outdoorsy software developer self.

Bragging Rights

  • My Android apps were featured on Lifehacker and Wired magazine
  • Backpacked through Japan
  • Was given the Smartest Person Alive award
  • Presenting my research on touch screen technology at CASCON
  • Created a software deployment system that's now in use by 8000 students and was presented at CANHEIT 2017
  • My 90+ and growing board game collection and custom board game table I built
  • Climbing the CN tower in 20 minutes and running a 5k barefoot
  • Continually learning - Swing dancing, French, and Guitar at the moment

Mobile App Expert

I’ve been fully into Android application development since Cupcake and the original Google G1, releasing the first Gameboy emulator for Android as well as a half-dozen other high profile applications and having my apps featured all over the web. I’ve used my expert knowledge in the area to train others and do contract work and consulting for local businesses. In the time since I’ve also been working towards proficiency in web frameworks for mobile app development.

Technology Used

Super Mario War

A port of the open-source game Super Mario War to Android and Android TV. The game has a wide variety of modes, piles of levels and items and CPU players. It’s essentially Super Smash Bros mixed with Super Mario World.

Battery GO

An app overlays the Pokemon GO game with a ‘fake’ lock screen, dims the display, and intercepts touches. Thus it’s able to replicate a normal Android lock screen while tricking Pokemon GO into continuing to run in the background.

Shower Thoughts Live Wallpaper

An app that pulls a random recent post from the /r/EarthPorn subreddit to use as a wallpaper and overlays a recent post from /r/ShowerThoughts.

Droid Tropes browser for Android

(No longer supported)

Flick Note

Notepad that synced with Simplenote and had Markdown support

(No longer supported)


Sales, downloads, and review tracking app for Android developers

(No longer supported)

Kidd GBC

Early slow but working GBC emulator for Android

(No longer supported)

Falling Letters

Simple typing game for Android phones with physical keyboards

(No longer supported)

Facebook Chat/Contact Sync

Facebook helper apps for Android back before Facebook had an Android app

(No longer supported)

IT Jack of all Trades

I’m currently a Software Deployment Specialist at Ontario Tech (or UOIT), an amazing University with some identity struggles that you might know better as Durham College (much to my dismay). I spent 6 years here learning Computing Science and I’ve loved my time here enough that I’ve stuck around to help improve things for future students.

I run pilot projects on new technologies, automate the **** out of everything, create images deployed to thousands of laptops, handle the software packaging, deployment and security of hundreds software titles, level 3 line of support, server and application administration, web development and Windows app development.

Technology Used

Web Development:
OS & Software Support:
AutoIT, PowerShell
Systems Administration:
LANDesk, SCCM, vSphere, VMWare Horizon, Ghost

Web Developer

I created A website for viewing your board game collection and picking a game to play (for people that have so many board games that they need a website to help them dig through them all).

Technology Used


General Weirdo

I may be an anxious introvert but I haven’t let that stop me from taking up barefoot running through downtown, giving out flowers to random strangers, or inventing random holidays like Run through the Pond Day and Super Happy Fun Fun Smile Day.

My house is decked out in home automation toys (including my own custom Arduino solution for opening and closing my blinds that I've presented on at Oshawa's Tech conferences). I've modified all my locks to use the same key and practice lockpicking. I've created custom boardgames.

I’ve filled a classroom with stuffed animals, cubicles with balloons, pitched a tent in a hallway for the day, rode a train in my underwear, decked out my bicycle in glowsticks for an impromptu night parade, and had many many wonderful hour long conversations with strangers.

It’s difficult to ignore my anxiety…very difficult actually…but life is about making stories. So that’s what I’m here to do.